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Our Services

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Contract Negotiations

We are specialised in negotiating contracts for our clients. We will always look to follow The Football Association and FIFA regulations. In line with it we will always make sure our clients know what they expect to earn – and deserve to earn.

We will always look to keep update with the new rules and regulations to offer that advice to our clients.

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Club Acquisition

With our extensive network in the UK and abroad, and us speaking number of languages if you’re looking for a new clubs we can help you find the new club to kick start your new  career chapter to success .


Financial & Post Career

With many years working in the hospitality industry and property services and financial world we have acquired number of associates in the business field such properties, hotels, Restaurants and other  business owners who would be happy to seat down and advice on how to invest and plan for the future.


Commercial Management

We will work closely with upcoming brands and existing ones to help our clients to increase their profile off the pitch. We will also focus on endorsements sponsorships deals such as kit and boots.

We would like to hear from any potential partners in Media, Commercial, sponsorships as such to contact us on 07383421608 or 07973271431 to discuss any opportunities.



With our extensive network in the UK and abroad we will always liaise with other personnel in the business to facilitate a service. We will always maintain our values and integrity while conducting any type of services.

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